1965 Invitation


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CLICK HERE to register for the reunion online and pay with a credit card.

PRINTABLE FORM to register for the reunion and pay by check.

CLICK HERE for a listing of Grand Rapids area hotels and be sure to make your reservations early as there are several events happening in and around Grand Rapids.


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The following are classmates for whom we have either inaccurate information or no information at all. Please contact Rick and Sue Steketee at rsteketee@comcast.net if you can help us locate someone on this list.

Jill Barnes Larry Ballard  Doug Bell
Diana Brigham Don Byers Pete Camp
Margit Carlsson Barb Bennett Carruth Margaret Stafford Clark
Ginny Coates Bob Coveart Barbara Davis
Dale Doten Kathleen Jonston Egan Nancy Fiske
John Fogarasi Lynn Frakes Fulk Zane Hollingsworth
Walt Jones Marcia Knapp Judy Kuhtic
Cathy Kumpf Dave Long Judy Marsh
Diane Marsh Myers Susan Pierce Osborn Susan Pauline
John Pruitt Linda Rail Sandra Redden
Norman Reuss Shirley Siewertsen Steve Smith
Linda VanDussen Stafford Donald Thomas Steve Weiss
Sally Turner White Pat Wisner Yester


*We all know that life has ups and downs. If your budget is tight right now,
please contact the EGR Schools Foundation for some anonymous support.
Each one of us make up the Class of 1965 so please come!


REUNION PLANNING COMMITTEE: Rick Adamy, Chip Behler, Bill Cutler, Linda Flink Dudley, Sue Payne Fricke, Jeff Heth, Rick Idema, Win Irwin, Larry Leigh, Mettie Metcalf Leigh, Kathy Neal Rent, Paul Rissi, Mike Sebastian, Rick Steketee, Sue Humphrey Steketee, Gary Wallin, Randy Wegener, Lucy Bennett Welch


Questions may be directed to Rick and Sue Steketee at rsteketee@comcast.net or Maria Allen, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at mallen@egrps.org or (616)235-3535.

The Pioneers mural gifted to EGRHS in 1965