Grants Awarded: Spring 2017

Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Youth In Government Tess Cronin (student) High School $1,500
Ultimaker 3 3D Printer Michael Uglietta (student), Patrick Reed High School $3,350
Lab and Dissection Materials Lindsey Lantz and MS Science dept Middle School $4,214
Magiscopes in the Field Megan Miller Wealthy $1,877
Finding Your Voice Through Written and Performance Poetry Kim Doele and MS English department Middle School $9,140
FIRST LEGO League Craig Weigel Lakeside $3,680
Wall-Mounted TV and Bracket for Math Stations John MacKenzie Middle School $565
EGR Sisterhood Program Grace Ruppert, Lindsay Duca, Emma Keane, Mackenzie Fee (students) High School $500
Ozobots Kaitlin Merpi Lakeside $1,195
Total funded by EGRSF for Spring Grant Cycle $26,221

Grants Awarded: Fall 2016

Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Marching Band Uniforms- 40 Bill Bier High School $18,322
EGR Robotics Elizabeth Neubig High School $5,000
Honey Bee Observation Hives Becky Martin, Lindsey Lantz, John Burke MIddle School $6,112 Access Jenny Fee, Heather McKinney-Rewa High School $2,880
Best Friends Collection/ Units of Study for Teaching Writing W. Moore, M. Sayre, J. Siegel, T. Wolford, C. Cannon Breton Downs, Lakeside, Wealthy $9,781
7th Grade Geography Virtual Reality Jill Smith, Sarah Youngs Middle School $9,666
Trade Book Packs/ Units of Study for Teaching Reading Anna Tyrer, Michelle Day, Michelle Kirk, Caroline Cannon Breton Downs, Lakeside, Wealthy $6,004
K-5  Classroom Libraries Craig Weigel  Lakeside $10,245
Outdoor Classroom Materials for 5th grade
Megan Miller, Kaelynn Benham, Bridget Rieth
Wealthy, Lakeside, Breton
Ozobots: Using Coding Across the Curriculum
Betsy Anderson
Seeing is Believing – Google Cardboard 3D Glasses
Mary Billman, Matt Harold
High School
Science Materials
Sarah Youngs
Middle School
Comfy Cozy Reading Chairs
Andrea Adams
Middle School
EGRMS Robotics Club – Seed Money
Anthony Morey
Middle School
Rostock Max v2 3D Printer
Anton Ludwig (student), Patrick Reed
High School
Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer
Patrick Reed
High School
Social Studies Trade Books
Kristine DiVita
Middle School
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference
Brian VanderBee
High School
Spanish Scholastic Magazines
Steven Brinks
Middle School
Ozobot (STEM)
Brett Scheidel
Classroom Library
Andrea Adams
Middle School
Total funded by EGRSF for Fall Grant Cycle     $78,391

Grants Awarded: Spring 2016


Cymbals for EGR Drumline Elan Winterberger, Drew Baloga
High School
Ellison Die Cuts Sue McLain
Wealthy Elementary
Support Materials for Visual Arts
and Film Studies
Jeanne Glowicki, Jenny Fee
High School
Innovation Lab Grant – Phase II –
Maker Materials
Kevin Vance
Middle School
Middle School Drama Program Michelle Kiastanek, Bill Atwood
Middle School
Classroom Leveled Libraries Vikki Boersma, Melissa Sayre,
Jodi Westgate, Kristin Borak, Lisa Eldersveld
Breton Elementary
ManageBac Subscription Jeanne Glowicki, Jenny Fee,
Heather McKinney-Rewa
High School
Author Visit/Professional Development
with Lester Laminack
Craig Weigel, Caroline Cannon,
Anthony Morey
All Elementary Buildings
Kindergarten Leveled Reading Books Jen McMahon, Shannon Mitchell,
Katie McIntosh
Lakeside Elementary
iPad Pro Mark Wells
Middle School/High School
Author Visit – Gary Schmidt Harry Coffill, Erika Iannuzzi,
Katherine Miller
Middle School
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil John MacKenzie
Middle School
Pig Dissection Lab Mary Billman
High School
East Vision website Katie Michell
High School
Art History Inspired
Ping Pong Paddles
Holly Lampen, I. Fasse, W. Butler,
T. Rossi, D. White (students)
Middle School
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Bill Bier
Middle School/High School


Grants Awarded:  Fall 2015

Innovation Lab Phase 1 Peter Stuursma, Kevin Vance,
Holly Lampen

High School
Ricky Ian Gordon Presentation Rebecca Knack, Jane Hazle, Pam Steers
High School
Training – Integrating Social
Thinking Strategies
Chris Kenward, Steve Seth, Melissa VanderZyden,
Stephene Diepstra
All Schools
“A Poet Can Be…”
Author Visit
Stacey Goodman, Kim Doele
Stand-Biased Desks Cassandra Rood
Middle School
FIRST Robotic
Elizabeth Neubig
High School
Social Thinking Training Hannah Wolcott, Nicole Smith,
Amanda Werner

District Special Ed. Dept.
5th Grade Ukeleles Michael Woodward
Breton Downs and Wealthy
FlashForge 3D Printer
Creator Pro
Patrick Reed
High School
Table Dividers for Assessments Peter Faber, Erik Lundeen,
Monica Edison, 
Brian VanderBee
High School
Veterans Day Speaker Katie McIntosh
Middle School, Breton Downs, Wealthy, Lakeside
Subscription to ALEKS –
adaptive math enhancement
Brian Clay, Casey Longo
Middle School
iPad Mini 4 to support Plickers Mary Elderkin
High School
Game Makers Patrick Reed
High School
King Tut Exhibit Visit Kris DiVita, Jill Smith
Middle School