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Other Ways to Give

EGRNow!  funds program support at all East Grand Rapids Schools. Program support includes funding for the essential programs that are part of the EGR experience and the education of the whole child. EGRNow! will fund over $255,000 in support of the world language program and elementary para-educators for the 2017-2018 school year.

EGRNOW! was launched in 2012 as an intentional strategy complementing and supporting the long-term success of our school district. The EGRSF continues to look toward the future and take action ensuring the health and well-being long-term.  EGRNOW! filled an important gap by preserving programs in 2012 that would otherwise not be available today. The community recognized and supported the important aspects of preserving critical programs.

Collectively, over the years, donors have provided tremendous support, preserving the quality of education for EGR. The EGR Public School District represents the largest industry and is a vital part of our long-term success and growing community. The EGRSF will continue to partner with the school district and broader community to weather the continual changes in funding from the state. The balance between short and long-term funding is an evolving strategy which allows flexibility for the future. With our community’s support we can continue to attract and retain residents and families that value excellence in education!

To contribute to EGRNow!, visit our Donate page.