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Previous Grants



Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Technology Coaching and Instructional Integration Training Doug Jenkins, Jenny Fee District Office $10,500
We the People Team - museum visits Adam Horos, Shelly Boeve High School $492
Quiz Bowl National Championship Tournament Brian VanderBee High School $1,500
Academic Resources to Support Teaching and Learning Craig Weigel, Jenny Fee High School $6,495
Innovation Lab - 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Elective Class Materials Kevin Vance Middle School $7,500
Classroom Libraries for Wealthy Elementary Book Lab Kristin Griffith Wealthy $34,517
FIRST Robotics Michigan State Championship Julius Herring, Ethan Williams (students) High School $4,000
ReDeTec Proto Cycler Patrick Reed, Andrew Conlon (student) High School $1,299
Yule Ball House Cup Bridget Rieth, Chris Kenward All Buildings $289
Pig Dissection Mary Billman High School $1,391
Alan Gratz Author Visit Danielle Smith & MS English Department Middle School $425
Lucy Calkins Unit of Reading suggested text Cheryl Radecki Breton Downs $790
Kaufman Treatment Kids 1 & 2 Amanda Werner, Mel Krieg Early Child Special Ed, Breton Downs, LakesideWealthy $410
Classroom Tables Sue McLain Wealthy $1,389
Spanish Readers Natalie Meadows, Erin Harmon High School $440
Total funded by EGRSF Spring grant cycle $71,438


Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Stories Connect Us - Revitalizing the Elementary Learning Commons Stephanie Doublestein, Britt O'Malley and Elementary Principals Breton Downs, Lakeside, Wealthy $11,806
Classroom Set of Ukuleles and Rack Haley Kline Lakeside $2,225
Zoning in on a Culture of Inclusion Anthony Morey and Champions of Diversity Team Middle School $9,032
Bicycle Window Art Holly Lampen Middle School $2,862
Debating the Documents: U.S. History Resource Tad VandenBrink High School $1,760
3D Printer Becky Martin Middle School $1,031
EGR Robotics - CNC Router Jeff Dills (parent coach) High School $5,474
Building Middle School Classroom Libraries Middle School ELA Department Middle School $15,400
March Madness Books Carlye Allen, Caroline Breault-Cannon, Stephanie Thelen Wealthy, Breton Downs, Lakeside $5,873
Book Love - High School Edition Katherine Miller High School $1,500
iPad for ESL Students Karen Comeau Avery All buildings $465
EGRHS Science Olympiad Elizabeth Neubig High School $600
iPad Pro for Making Flipped Classroom Videos Katie Baker High School $645
Social Studies Trade Books Kristine DiVita Middle School $715
National Council of Teachers of English Conference Kim Doele Middle School $790
MakerBot Digitizer (3D Scanner) Jake Hoppman (student) High School $800
Second Grade Classroom Libraries - Below Grade Level Nikki Haitz, Erin Stirdivant, Whitney Moore Lakeside $800
Headphones for Spanish classes Hannah Stuursma (student) and Socorro Mercado-Blackport High School $539
Total funded by EGRSF for Fall Grant Cycle: $62,682


Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Youth In Government Tess Cronin (student) High School $1,500
Ultimaker 3 3D Printer Michael Uglietta (student), Patrick Reed High School $3,350
Lab and Dissection Materials Lindsey Lantz and MS Science dept Middle School $4,214
Magiscopes in the Field Megan Miller Weathy $1,877
Finding Your Voice Through Written and Performance Poetry Kim Doele and MS English department Middle School $9,140
FIRST LEGO League Craig Weigel Lakeside $3,680
Wall-Mounted TV and Bracket for Math Stations John MacKenzie Middle School $565
EGR Sisterhood Program Grace Ruppert, Lindsay Duca, Emma Keane, Mackenzie Fee (students) High School $500
Ozobots Kaitlin Merpi Lakeside $1,195
Total funded by EGRSF for Spring Grant Cycle: $26,221


Title Requestor School Granted by EGRSF
Marching Band Uniforms- 40 Bill Bier High School $18,322
EGR Robotics Elizabeth Neubig High School $5,000
Honey Bee Observation Hives Becky Martin, Lindsey Lantz, John Burke Middle School $6,112 Access Jenny Fee, Heather McKinney-Rewa High School $2,880
Best Friends Collection/ Units of Study for Teaching Writing W. Moore, M. Sayre, J. Siegel, T. Wolford, C. Cannon Breton Downs, Lakeside, Wealthy $9,781
7th Grade Geography Virtual Reality Jill Smith, Sarah Youngs Middle School $9,666
Trade Book Packs/ Units of Study for Teaching Reading Anna Tyrer, Michelle Day, Michelle Kirk, Caroline Cannon Breton Downs, Lakeside, Wealthy $6,004
K-5 Classroom Libraries Craig Weigel Lakeside $10,245
Outdoor Classroom Materials for 5th grade Megan Miller, Kaelynn Benham, Bridget Rieth Wealthy, Lakeside, Breton $1,053
Ozobots: Using Coding Across the Curriculum Betsy Anderson Wealthy $1,100
Seeing is Believing – Google Cardboard 3D Glasses Mary Billman, Matt Harold High School $467
Science Materials Sarah Youngs Middle School $238
Comfy Cozy Reading Chairs Andrea Adams Middle School $351
EGRMS Robotics Club – Seed Money Anthony Morey Middle School $1,500
Rostock Max v2 3D Printer Anton Ludwig (student), Patrick Reed High School $1,100
Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Patrick Reed High School $1,000
Social Studies Trade Books Kristine DiVita Middle School $751
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference Brian VanderBee High School $251
Spanish Scholastic Magazines Steven Brinks Middle School $450
Ozobot (STEM) Brett Scheidel Lakeside $1,120
Classroom Library Andrea Adams Middle School $1,000
Total funded by EGRSF for Fall Grant Cycle: $78,391


Grant Awarded Requestor/School Amount
Cymbals for EGR Drumline Elan Winterberger, Drew Baloga High School $2,239.50
Ellison Die Cuts Sue McLain Wealthy Elementary $2,389.35
Support Materials for Visual Arts and Film Studies Jeanne Glowicki, Jenny Fee High School $6,106.12
Innovation Lab Grant – Phase II – Maker Materials Kevin Vance Middle School $20,936.30
Middle School Drama Program Michelle Kiastanek, Bill Atwood Middle School $6,517.50
Classroom Leveled Libraries Vikki Boersma, Melissa Sayre, Jodi Westgate, Kristin Borak, Lisa Eldersveld Breton Elementary $7,560.00
ManageBac Subscription Jeanne Glowicki, Jenny Fee, Heather McKinney-Rewa High School $5,000.00
Author Visit/Professional Development with Lester Laminack Craig Weigel, Caroline Cannon, Anthony Morey All Elementary Buildings $21,187.93
Kindergarten Leveled Reading Books Jen McMahon, Shannon Mitchell, Katie McIntosh Lakeside Elementary $3,434.00
iPad Pro Mark Wells Middle School/High School $1,200.00
Author Visit – Gary Schmidt Harry Coffill, Erika Iannuzzi, Katherine Miller Middle School $1,500.00
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil John MacKenzie Middle School $1,200.00
Pig Dissection Lab Mary Billman High School $1,377.60
East Vision website Katie Michell High School $1,250.00
Art History Inspired Ping Pong Paddles Holly Lampen, I. Fasse, W. Butler, T. Rossi, D. White (students) Middle School $726.12
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Bill Bier Middle School/High School $1,200.00


Grant Awarded Requestor/School Amount
Innovation Lab Phase 1 Peter Stuursma, Kevin Vance, Holly Lampen High School $2,819.05
Ricky Ian Gordon Presentation Rebecca Knack, Jane Hazle, Pam Steers High School $2,500.00
Training – Integrating Social Thinking Strategies Chris Kenward, Steve Seth, Melissa VanderZyden, Stephene Diepstra All Schools $5,188.00
“A Poet Can Be…” Author Visit Stacey Goodman, Kim Doele Wealthy $3,169.45
Stand-Biased Desks Cassandra Rood Middle School $1,335.92
FIRST Robotic Competition Team Elizabeth Neubig High School $4,000.00
Social Thinking Training Hannah Wolcott, Nicole Smith, Amanda Werner District Special Ed. Dept. $1,807.50
5th Grade Ukeleles Michael Woodward Breton Downs and Wealthy $1,494.75
FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro Patrick Reed High School $1,200.00
Table Dividers for Assessments Peter Faber, Erik Lundeen, Monica Edison, Brian VanderBee High School $1,263.76
Veterans Day Speaker Katie McIntosh Middle School, Breton Downs, Wealthy, Lakeside $800.00
Subscription to ALEKS – online adaptive math enhancement Brian Clay, Casey Longo Middle School $980.00
iPad Mini 4 to support Plickers Mary Elderkin High School $422.94
Game Makers Patrick Reed High School $1,500.00
King Tut Exhibit Visit Kris DiVita, Jill Smith Middle School $1,500.00