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What We Do

Where would our kids be without you?

Thank you to everyone who donated to EGRNOW! 2017.
You made a powerful, positive difference in the lives of our students.

Anonymous Robert Goodrich Adam and Chrissy Panter
Brian and Stephanie Aardema Peter and Andrea Goodrich James and Leslie Papp
Joe Aardema and Mary Lucas Ryan and Hope Goossens Matt and Kerry Parent
Ray and Kristin Abraham Tim and Emily Gorashko Aaron and Bess Paskvan
Doug and Christine Adams Scott and Mary Gorsline Linda Patterson
Gerard Adams and Amy Sherman Kevin and Tracey Gort Howard and Stacy Paul
Nick and Shellie Adamy Chad and Jennifer Gould Brian and Amy Peceny
Brian and Sarah Adloff Doris Cole Goyette Andy and Alison Peot
Alfred and Caroline Albano Gary Graeff and Kim Krause Jude and Carrie Pereira
Matt and Alyssa Albers Bonnie Graham Daniel Persinger and Claire Whitman
Craig and Staci Alguire Scott Grant Molly Peskin
Joel Allchin and Deanna Hoopingarner-Allchin Denny and MaryAnn Gray Ryan and Katrina Peters
Brett and Carlye Allen John and Deanna Green Michael and Anne Petruzzi
Marty and Sue Allen Greenscape Landscaping, Inc. Jamie and Stephanie Phelps
Steve and Maria Allen John and Jennifer Greer Kevin and Leslie Philipps
Diane Chadwick Alt The Griemsman Family Jeffrey Potteiger and Ellen Adams
Amazon Smile Foundation Hillary and Grant Griffin Carey Potter
Christopher and Leslie Anderson Bob and Marie Griffin John Preston and Melissa VanderZyden
Sam and Joy Anderson Kristin Griffith Tim and Susan Price
Tom and Deb Ankney Martin and Erin Grin Henry and Nicole Prins
Shannon and Erica Armstrong Bob and Diane Hall Dick Pryce
Scott and Elizabeth Arnold The Ham Family Mark and Becky Pullen
Audrey, Katelyn & Gwyneth Artz David and Beth Hamm Chris and Michelle Rabideau
Theodor Asgeirsson and Geirlaug Magnusdottir Marcia Hammerslag Cheryl Radecki
Philippe Assaf and Coeli Fitzpatrick Tom and Carole Hammerslag Tom and Hollie Rademacher
Mark and Kate Austin Brian and Karey Hamrick Michael and Jennifer Ranville
Rich and Cassie Axtell The Hannah Family Mark and Lisa Rapoport
Chris and Emily Backus Michael and Jennifer Haskell Muhammad Rasoul
Wade Bagnall and Elizabeth Fausone Geoff and Julie Hawksworth Erik and Julia Ratchford
Todd and Carman Baines Greg and Jane Hazle Scott and Betsy Raymond
Dave and Katie Baker Andy and Peggy Head Mike and Meibel Reagan
Stephen Baker and Lucinda Shair Brad and Andrea Hecksel The Reahm Family
Mark Baloga and Amy Williams Lee and Linda Hegstrand Mike and Betsy Redman
Chad and Beth Balon David and Nancy Hejna Greg and Carolyn Reese
Mark and Laura Banbury Boyd and Jane Henderson Mike and Trish Reid
Sam and Wendie Bander Mark and Tina Hessler Patrick and Cheri Reid
Chris and Kim Bardeggia Brad and Lea Hileman Kirk and Jen Reifinger
Mark and Lynn Barger Elliott Chris and Beth Hill Randy and Kris Renker
Gary and Mary Sue Barnes Louise Hoekstra Ryan and Whitney Renner
Max and Becky Barnes Jack, Charlie and Tripp Hoekstra Terence and Tina Reuben
Tony and Gwen Barnes Michael and Stephanie Hoekstra The Riddle Family
David and Sibley Barrett Dirk Hoffius Thomas Rider and Tracy Miller-Rider
Sam and Ben Basham David and Susan Hojnacki Rachel Ries
Bill and Diane Baxter Thomas and Janis Hollingsworth Brian and Bridget Rieth
Ryan and Sarah Beach David and Melinda Hollis David and Molly Rizor
Laurie Beard Peter and Allison Houlihan Tom and Laureen Rizzi
Lee and Karen Begrow Robyn Hubbard George and Heidi Roberts
Andrew and Jennifer Behler Amorak Huey and Ellen Schendel Karl and Stacy Roberts
Bill and Amber Behrendt John and Janyce Huff Smith Roberts and Jenny Berglund
Nancy Belke Rob and Jessica Huff Larry and Sally Robson
Benefit Mobile Foundation Travis and Christine Hughes The Rocca Family
Roger and Cindy Bera Gary and Cindy Humphries Steve and Amy Rockwell
Jeff Bergers Brad and Karen Hunter John and Lisa Rogers
Paul and Joan Bergsteinsson Martin and Zezette Hutchinson Ken and Elaine Rongey
Bill and Jenny Bergstrom Joel and Shannon Iakiri Charles and Shane Rood
John and Pat Bergstrom John and Monica Inhulsen Robert and Cassandra Rood
Dave and Mary Kay Berles Fil and Elizabeth Iorio Lisa Rose
Scott and Natalie Bernecker Graham and Sara Irwin Nancy Rose
Rob Berner and Family Win and Kyle Irwin Sarah Rose
Matt and Erin Bertke William and Barbara Isenberg Rochelle Roskam
Blake and Taylor Beusse Jon Jacobs and Kimberly Crimin Al and Kim Rossi
Kristin Bickley Mike and Roberta Jacobson The Royce Family
Mike and Amy Bishop Mark and Lauren Jacoby Kurt, Jodi, Baden and Davis Rushmore
Martin and Catherine Blagdurn Nick and Erinn Jacques Madonna Saia and Jim Racinowski
Chris and Annie Blakley Tom and Mary James Steve and Laura Saltsman
Carla Blandford Doug and Dawn Jenkins Buck and Judy Saunders
Charles and Patricia Bloom Scott and Susan Jennings Tim and Heather Saunders
Dan and Tarah Bockheim Aaron and Nikki Johnson Jeff Schad and Marilyn Lankfer
Lorraine Boer Doug and Lori Johnson Matt and Diana Schad
Brett and Kim Bolt Erik and Lisa Johnson Tim and Cindy Schad
Eric and Melissa Bombery Gerri Johnson Marianne Schimon
Hank and Suzy Bonnah Gordon Johnson Andrew and Logan Schmidt
Joe and Kristen Borak Andy and Mary Johnston Shelley Schmidt
Matthew and Jennifer Borgula Tim and Lori Johnston Eddy and Susanne Schmitt
Tim and Kathy Born Michael and Cara Jones The Schneider Family
Brian Bosley and Hillary Kooy Julian and Judith Joseph John and Judy Schneider
Brian and Jillane Bosscher Sarah Porter Jury John and Kate Schneider
Tom and Alexis Boyden Dave and Bev Kagan Shelly Schram
The Braden Family Stephen and Joee Kam Matthew and Margaret Schulte
Mark and Amy Bragg Nick and Colleen Kanaan Joel and Julie Schultze
Janice Brander Mary Kaneti Jim and Mary Kay Schumar
Ren and Cj Brander Dave and Jill Kantor Andrew and Kateri Schutt
Todd and Bonnie Brandstadt Mike and Sue Keil Brian Schwartz and Elizabeth Welch
Fred and Deb Braseth Scott Keil Mark Schwartz and Cathy Kaneti
Ben and Adrianne Braun Dennis Kellermeier and Barbara Jourdan Steve and Mary Schwartz
Caroline Breault-Cannon Patrick and Heidi Kett Michael and Monica Sekulich
Mike and Bethany Bregenzer The Kettler Family Brian and Racqel Self
Scott and Emily Brew Theresa Keyes Jim and Mindy Seufert
Steve and Winnie Brinks Jim and Beth Kincaid Kurt and Lyndsay Seyferth
Scott and Amy Broersma Erika King Nancy Seymour
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn Brad and Michelle Kirk Bob and Mary Shapton
Carl and Betsy Brown Justin Klynsma Tim and Ann Sheridan
Dan and Lynne Brown Herbert and Glenna Knape The Sherman Family
Dennis and Jennifer Bruce The Knuble Family Elizabeth Warnshuis Shimko
Jim and Kathleen Bruinsma Allison Koetsier Rick and Stacy Shorey
Scott R. Brundage Derrick and Karen Kooistra Andrew and Tamara Shreiner
Patrik and Lena Brundin Kelli Kopen and Chris Calhoun Mark and Lisa Shuart
Mickey and Natalie Bullock Jack Korff Greg and Sara Shubel
John and Bonnie Burke Rob and Julie Kowalewski Jon and Gretchen Siebers
Fred and Kathleen Burkhart Kenneth and Heather Krajewski Jane Siegel
Kevin and Julie Burns Ken and Carol Kranz Jim and Sheryl Siegel
Rick and Angie Busch Steven and Amie Jo Kreitzer The Silliven Family
Dev and Susan Butler Steve and Mary Kretschman Flory Silverstein
Mary Buzalski Melanie Kruisenga Phil and Beth Skaggs
MaryAnn Byam Christian and Susie Krupp Aaron and Jill Smith
Mike and Lisa Byam David and Sarah Kugler Christopher and Kelli Smith
Chuck and Lucy Caldwell Nicholas and Layla Kuhl Danielle Smith
Brian and Ann Callahan Eric and Katie Kuiper David Smith and Peggy Child
Brian and Sarah Calnan Jeff and Renee Kunitzer Jason and Zara Smith
Chris and Lisa Camfferman Brad and Kotoe Laackman Jay and Helen Smith
David and Britt Campbell Rob and Lucy Lafleur Sara Smolenski and Linda Burpee
Matt and Jackie Campbell Geoff and Julie Laham Diana Snoeyer
Thomas and Sarah Cannon Eric and Doreen Lambert Paul and Jackie Solberg
Mike and Kim Carnevale Holly Lampen and Jacob Deliefde Rich and Abby Sorota
The Casserly Family Michel Lanne and Kerri Orders Achilles and Ruth Spagnuolo
Lance and Sue Caston The Larsen Family Sean and Anna Sperling
Chris and Rona Caswell Tony and Heather Lawrence Mike and Tricia Spiegel
Matt and Sarah Cavanaugh Nick and Gail Leech The Stankowski Family
Charlene Chadbourne Lucas and Joni Leete Pam Stanley and Kelly Eldred
Mark and Eileen Chamberlin Andrea Leistra Eric and Sarah Starck
David and Angela Chandler Dave and Stacey Levitt Matthew and Jennifer Stares
Jason and Charissa Chapman Bill and Jan Lewis Steelcase Foundation
Christopher and Beth Chappus Greg and Tracey Lewis Andrew and Pamela Steers
Grant and Josie Cheney Richard and Heather Lewis John and Katie Stein
Luke and Ellen Cherveny Tim Lewis John and Jennifer Steiner
Jeff and Tamara Christians Chad Lingwood and Ingrid Aguayo Kurt and Andrea Steiner
YiJia and Amanda Chu Chuck and Jan Lippert Brian and Amy Steketee
Kestutis and Ingrid Civinskas Jim and Barb Logie Matt and Kristen Steketee
Mike and Jodi Clay Casey and Jami Longo Brian Sterling and Carla Boyd
Mary Frances Cline Chris and Sharon Longstreth Mike and Cathy Stevens
Harry and Michele Coffill Scott and Elisabeth Loos Rick and Mary Stevens
Brian Cole and Jen Hutchings Aracelis Lopez Leslie and Lane Stewart
Sandra Colegrove Dan Lorenz and Aletta VanderPlaat Clay and Kris Stiffler
Brian and Jennifer Coles Mark and April Lothschutz Karen Henry Stokes
Stew and Emilie Collins Randy and Lisa Lovell The Storms Family
Barbara Cone Chad and Nicole Lowe Tim and Sarah Straveler
Pat and Nancy Connor Paul and Elizabeth Luce Jim and Ann Stuursma
Carolyn Connors The Ludwig Family Peter and Amy Stuursma
Phil Conrad and JJ Loew The Lukezich Family Judy Subar
John Constantelos and Polly Diven Dick and Genie Lyman Tim and Karen Sullivan
Jeff and Sarah Conway Judson and Lynn Lynch Jean Swaney
Dave and Nancy Cook Doug and Stacey Maas Bill and Nancy Swaney
Andy and Rachael Cooley Jim MacDonald The Swayman Family
Tom and Samantha Cornell Gary and Pamela MacDougal Stacey Szczepanski
The Counts Family Paul and Rosanne Mack Eric and Stacey Tanner
Dave and Dori Couvreur Bill and Amy Mackay Chip and Joyce Tappan
Ryan and Amber Cox Jeff and Shannon MacKeigan Tom and Anne Tasker
Sean and Cheryl Cox Jason and Jennifer Madden TEGNA Foundation
Jay and Kathy Cragwall Matt Mahoney and Melissa Conway Martha Teichner
Greg and Kim Crane Don Malcolm and Jean Magolan Bob and Patty Temple
The Crawford Family Judie Malec Michael and Elizabeth Terhorst
Mike and Mary Ann Crete The Malewitz Family Peter and Julie Tewinkle
Rick and Pam Cross Leena Mammen Pete and Lisa Theut
Don and Johanna Crossley Alan and Hope Margherio Nick and Amy Thole
Bob and Julie Currier Ryan and Beth Marin Charley and Janine Thompson
Scott and Ellen Custer Lynne Boyles Marino Stephen and Wendy Thong
Dylan Daniels Matt and Amy Marlow The Timek Family
Bill and Margie Darooge Bill and Melissa Marsh Jon and Winona Tinholt
Brad and Amy Darooge Marsh & McLennan Companies Foundation Jeff and Katherine Tippett
Devin and Michelle Day Jay and Hilary Martin Paul and Cassie Tithof
Joe and Angie Day Rodney and Mimi Martin Scott and Michelle Titus
Jeff and Jill Dean The Marx Family Sue Tobias
David and Faye Decker Warren Mason and Vikki Nestico Michael Tomich and Jeanne Glowicki
Gaylen and Diane Demarest Nancy Massingham Mark and Marsha Tompkins
Peri denDulk Chris and Kelly Matthysse Scott Tompkins
Jennifer DePree George McBane and Susanne Buchau The Tonning Family
John and Mary Dersch Larry and Julie McCahill Tom and Amy Townsend
David and Michele DeVelder Mike and Lois McCardell Adam and Gretchen Townshend
Rob and Allison DeVilbiss Michael and Carole McDonald Dick Tracy
Kurt and Alisa Devlaeminck Richard and Noel McGarrity Daryl and Stacy Trierweiler
Mark and Lisa DeVries Paul and Dee McGraw Ryan Trierweiler Autumn Horrocks
Brad DeVries-DeVries and Royston Insurance Agency, Inc. Terry McIlhargey Toby and Kim Tucker
Garrett Dill Gary and Linda McInerney Brett and Julie Turner
David and Carol Distel Matt and Katie McIntosh Dan and Anna Tyrer
Brad and Kim Ditmar Andy and Amanda McIntyre Dominador and Alma Uy
Jim Doan & Sarah Armbruster Kevin and Nancy McIntyre The Van Dis Family
Christopher and Sommer Dockery Sharon McKee Alice Van Ess
Alice Dodgson Heather McKinney-Rewa Owen Van Winkle
Lori Dood Jim and Sue McLain Kevin Vance
Jason and Stephanie Doublestein Paul and Laura McMahon Matthew and Kathleen VandeGevel
Rick and Traci Douglas Steve and Jenny McMahon Tanya Vanden Bosch
The Giving Gardens - Steve and Margaux Drake Peter and Michelle McSorley Dave and Leigh Vander Molen
Robert and Linda Dudley The McVay Family Marjolijn VanderVelde
Tim and Andrea Dudley Chris and Michele Meader Chris and Sarah VanDeven
Tom and Melissa Duimstra Brock and Alex Mellema Nate and Keri VanDrunen
Nadav and Karen Dujovny The Mellish Family The VanHoose Family
Eric and Lindsay Dumais Judd Menkveld and Lisa Tiedt Benjamin VanHouten and Heather Sedlak
Ted and Claudine Duncan Spencer and Kaitlin Merpi Todd and Reyna VanKuiken
Chad and Sara Dupin Greg and Jennifer Metz Beverly VanWees
Rob and Robin Easley Randy and Hillary Meulenberg Mike and Liz Vargo
Gary and Suzanne Eberle Rich and Jennifer Meyer David and Beverly Verdier
John and Stephanie Eckley Mirko and Jane Mikelic Wayne and Angela Visbeen
Chris and Linda Edgar Anne Miller Russ and Chris Visner
John and Sara Edleman Brian and Megan Miller Matt and Allison Vriesenga
John and Punky Edison Drew and Allison Miller Scott and Marni Vyn
Suzanne Case Edison Matt and Jill Miller Eric Walchak
Terry Egan Mike and Carly Miller The Walker Family
The Eggert Family Norman Miller Bryan and Angie Walters
Nnaemeka and Ngozi Egwuatu Steve and Katie Millman Damian and Deanne Walters
Jeff and Lisa Elble Randy and Amanda Millwood Brian and Kris Ward
Steve and Lisa Eldersveld Andrew and Elaine Milnes Todd and Liz Warnock
Sue Spicer Elliott Joel and Melissa Mitchell Mark and Wendy Wassink
Brian and JoAnn Ellis John Mitchell and Gina Ang Kyle and Kristin Watson
Constrance Ellis Scott Mitton Mary K. Weadock
David and Amy Engbers Jeff and Allison Montague Greg and Deb Weaver
Jim and Harriet Engbers Marc and Charlene Montpetit Jason and Jennifer Webb
Kirk and Kirsten Essenmacher Donovan and Jenny Moo Craig and Carmen Weigel
Matt and Emily Eugster John and Ann Mooney Eric and Coutney Weiler
Tom and Kathryn Faturos Jason and Jo Moore Jim and Susan Weiss
Michael and Jenny Fee Anthony and Polly Morey Gina Welch
Matt Feyen and Nicole Haglund Dave and Joy Morgan Dan and Lynee Wells
Don and Carol Firlik Richard and Margaret Moritz West Michigan Hockey, Inc.
Grady and Julia Fisher Dick Morrill Christopher and Jodi Westgate
Harvey Fixler Jim and Carolyn Morse Ben, Emily, Collin, Heidi and Morgan White
Betsy Fleetwood Jim and Courtney Moskal Brad White and Kathleen O'Leary
Jeff and Katie Flermoen Doug Mossman Mark and Allison White
Omar and Elizabeth Flores Jami Moyer Dave and Stephanie Whitford
The Ford Family David and Sara Mulder Mary Whiting and Colleen Chenlo
Alex and Sara Forist Todd and Kelli Mulderink Steve and MeiLi Wieringa
The Escobar Forsberg Family Otto Muller and Kelly Gest Matt and Erica Wikander
Jay and Julie Forstner Elisha Murphy Beth Wilbur
Matt and Jill Fouch Paul Murphy and Leigh Eicke Casey and Lindsey Williams
Dan and Joanne Fowler Brian and Kristie Murray Douglas and Andrea Williams
Chad and Carolyn Fox The Murua Family Kyle Williams and Vanessa Bradley
Steve and Michelle Fox Abby Nagher Mark and Amy Williamson
Tom and Mickie Fox Dean and Lisa Nargi Andy and Erin Winkel
Lynn and Alice Francis Joe and Lisa Newhouse Charlie Winslow and Judy Sopeland
William French and Jennifer Dawson The Nguyen Family Alex and Julie Wiseman
Alan and Megan Freudigmann Jack Nichols The Wisniewski Family
John Frey Marc and Alice Noordeloos Dean and Nell Witting
Kelly Froehlich Andrew and Shanna Norden Michael and Robbyn Wnek
The Gamaggio Family Jamie and Venta Norris Bob and Tracy Wolford
Silvia Garbagni Tom and Diane Northway Mark and Beth Woudstra
The Garrard Family Novartis Doug and Tamara Wurl
Joe and Sarah Gass John and Gail Nowak Chris and Janice Yates
Andre and Kristen Gauri Edmund O'Connor Calvin and Clara Young
Ted and Mary Louise Gedra Isidore and Cary Okoro Laura Young
Peter and Anne Genthe Jordan and Meg O'Neil Chad and Ellie Zagel
Hailey and Hannah Gerkin Adam and Tricia Ophoff Michael and Katherine Zago
Nicole Gessner Onder and Carol Ors Bryant and Marcia Zanko
Thomas Getz The Orsini Family The Zdravecky Family
Brendan and Laurel Gibbons The Osborne Family Joe and Katie Zemaitis
Sasko and Danche Gjorgjievski John and Ellen Osterhart Ben and Meg Zerfas
Tom and Sally Gleason Kristofer Pachla and Anne Marie Carson The Zimdar Family
Rick and Carol Godfrey Don and Melissa Padgett Rodger "Skip" Zwemer, Jr.
Parin and Liz Gohel Norm and Jan Palm Brad and Fleur Zylstra
Keith Paluska