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A Virtual Cup of Coffee with Anabel Ross '20

A Virtual Cup of Coffee with Anabel Ross '20

You can only have one: Rose’s caramel corn, an ice cream cone from Jersey Junction, or a Yesterdog. Which do you choose?
Definitely some mint chocolate chip from Jersey Junction.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to go on to Western Michigan University and hopefully also study abroad in the coming years.

What have you learned in East that will enable you to be successful?
I didn’t grow up in East. I moved here freshman year. Throughout my time in East, being new it’s forced me to branch out and be pushed out of my comfort zone which I know are situations I’m gonna he faced with a lot moving forward in my life as I start this new journey.

What were you like in school?
I’d like to think I was a pretty social person. As the years went on I climbed more out of my shell and became super comfortable with my classmates and surroundings.

Did you have a favorite teacher or class?
Mr.Vandenbrink for US history junior year was definitely my all time favorite class and teacher. Although his voice was very loud for 8am in the morning, I never spent one day not enjoying that class.

If you had to choose one moment in one location to serve as the signature moment of your East school experience, what would it be?
Probably closing night of the spring musical my junior year. I played Wednesday Addams and theatre is a huge part of my life so just getting to do what I love with my closest friends was just an amazing experience and feeling.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you were younger?
I wish I would’ve pushed myself a little bit more to step out of my comfort zone. I already was faced with that a lot by moving here but as cliché as it sounds really from all that’s going on in the world right now I wish I’d never taken for granted the time that I had.

Who from East do you think you’ll stay in touch with in the future?
Definitely my close group of friends. They are my everything and we got through high school together so I don’t think our bond is something that we’ll lose going forward.

What advice do you have for young East kids?
Again do not take for granted the time you have! No one ever expected this to happen but it did and it sucks but it’s a perfect example for the younger classes to enjoy these years and make the best of them.

Bonus question: What are you glad we didn’t ask you about?
Probably what I’m gonna do with all that I learned in the classrooms because to be honest I don’t remember much.

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