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William and Shirley VandenBerg Scholarship

Teacher Awards & Professional Development

William and Shirley VandenBerg Scholarship

William and Shirley VandenBerg Scholarship:  This scholarship was established in 1996 by the VandenBerg family to honor the work and philosophy of Dr. William VandenBerg and Mrs. Shirley VandenBerg in encouraging continued education and renewal for our educators.  

Dr. VandenBerg was a life-long resident of East Grand Rapids.  He attended East public schools through his high school years and returned to East Grand Rapids to raise his family and practice medicine.  He was on the School Board of Education for six years, with three of those as Board President.  Mrs. VandenBerg was a good mother and committed to volunteering in her community and schools.  She committed her time and energy to her family first as well as the Blodgett Hospital Auxiliary, The Junior League of Grand Rapids, and the West Michigan Environmental Action Committee.  

This scholarship is given annually (up to $4,000) to one or more staff teachers in the district to attend a class, seminar, workshop, or unique learning opportunity that will directly enhance the quality of teaching in that person's current specific academic area.

Any full time teacher in the district may apply for the award. The deadline for submission of applications is May 5.

Click HERE to submit your application via Google Doc – First you must SAVE A COPY of this google doc to YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE, then you may begin filling out the application.  Once it is filled out, please SHARE the document with Thank you!