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William O. VandenBerg, M.D. Scholarship

Teacher Awards & Scholarships

The annual William O. VandenBerg, M.D. Scholarship was established in 1996 by the VandenBerg family upon the death of Dr.VandenBerg. This scholarship honors the work and philosophy of Dr. VandenBerg by encouraging continued education and renewal for our educators. The scholarship is to be used for a class, seminar or workshop that will directly enhance the quality of teaching for the teacher’s current specific academic area and may be granted to one or more teachers for a total amount of $4,000.

Any full time teacher in the district may apply for the award. The deadline for submission of applications is May 5.

Click HERE to submit your application via Google Doc – First you must SAVE A COPY of this google doc to YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE, then you may begin filling out the application.  Once it is filled out, please SHARE the document with Thank you!