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Thank You Sip & Support Sponsors and Community Partners

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Thanks for making Sip & Support such a success!

The band was fantastic. The kids from "Guys and Dolls" were terrific. The drinks and snacks hit the spot. But it was the people that made Sip and Support such a wonderful celebration of our community and our schools. 

The party, which took place Saturday night in the library and Community Center, drew hundreds of people who danced to the music of Troll for Trout and enjoyed a fun-filled night of catching up with friends and neighbors. 

"Our committee of volunteers did an outstanding job of creating a fabulous event," says East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation Executive Director Amy Stuursma, "but it's the people who came to the party who made it such a magical night. All night long I had people telling me this was a great venue for the new event. We ended up asking the band to play a little bit longer at the end of the night because people didn't want the party to be over."

Pillar Level

Partner Level

  • Scott and Natalie Bernecker
  • Joe & Katy Levan
  • Bernie & Patti Malewitz
  • Russ & Chris Visner

Patron Sponsors

  • Dave and Mary Kay Berles
  • Bob and Val Bernecker
  • Martin and Catherine Blagdurn
  • Tom and Alexis Boyden
  • Christopherson Orthodontics
  • Dave and Nancy Cook
  • Erik Daly and Jessica Bloom
  • Brad and Kim Ditmar
  • Brian and JoAnn Ellis
  • Michael and Jenny Fee
  • Joel and Shannon Iakiri
  • Keil Lasik Vision Center
  • Krupp Law Offices P.C.
  • Suzie MacKeigan
  • The Marx Family
  • Brian and Megan Miller
  • Matthew and Jill Miller & Family
  • John Preston and Melissa VanderZyden
  • Reagan Marketing + Design LLC
  • The Reid Family & Channel Chemical Corporation
  • Matt and Diana Schad
  • Brian Schwartz and Elizabeth Welch
  • Phil and Beth Skaggs
  • Brian and Amy Steketee
  • Will and Kelli Templeton
  • Nick and Amy Thole
  • John Titley and Hilary Garon
  • Valleau, VanDeven & Massie Dentistry for Children
  • Chris VandenBerg and Betsy Neubig
  • Bryan and Angie Walter
  • Chad and Ellie Frey Zagel
  • Jack and Jennifer Zinser

Community Partners