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Student Scholarships

Scholarships Overview

2022 Student Scholarship Recipients

Student Scholarships Administered by the Foundation

  • The East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation Scholarship is a $1,250 scholarship awarded to a high school senior or seniors who show commitment to education and community and has aspirations and goals for the future.
  • The Charles B. "Chip" Ridenour Jr. Memorial Scholarship $1,000 for a graduating senior who helps others feel good about themselves, encourages others to participate in school activities, and is caring and nurturing.
  • The Reid VanGelderen Memorial & Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 in memory of Reid, who died in August 2008 after a valiant battle with cancer.  This $1,500 scholarship is given annually to an East Grand Rapids student who has overcome adversity while showing similar characteristics to Reid—courage and perseverance.  
  • The Matt F. Fouch Scholarship of Character was established in 2020 by Matt's wife, Jill, and children Jake, Maddie and Zac as a way to celebrate Matt’s life commitment to shaping the lives of young people in East Grand Rapids both in the classroom and on the field. This $500 scholarship honors Matt's character by celebrating those who are a “good guy to all, do the right thing when no one is watching,” and are committed to kindness and others in their school and community. This memorial scholarship was established after Matt's battle with cancer and passing in December 2019. The scholarship celebrates and thanks Matt for his 21 years of service in the math classrooms at East Grand Rapids Middle School and for his 23 years of coaching football and three years of coaching golf at East Grand Rapids Public Schools. 
  • The GPJC Scholarship in Memory of Peter Coroneos is a $500 scholarship that celebrates George Peter James Coroneos and his interest in and care for other people.  Peter was a dynamic personality in all aspects.  He cared for people deeply and cast a wide net of friendships around the world.  Peter was a gatherer of friends with a genuine interest in the well-being of others and for that we are grateful. The scholarship will annually honor and celebrate an East Grand Rapids senior who embodies these same characteristics. 
  • The Murphy Ainsworth Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to one or more graduating seniors who exhibit many of the following qualities or attributes: attending Butler University (preferred) or Grand Rapids Community College; involved in athletics; good neighbor and friend; makes friends easily; of the growth mindset, always working to grow one’s personal best and develop as an individual; able to persevere even if school and/or work are challenging; observant, patient and kind.    
  • The Parker Spindle Genuine Heart Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship  awarded annually to one or more graduating seniors who exhibit many of the following qualities or attributes: a genuine heart and great compassion for others, a passion for school spirit and community spirit, a strong impact on those around him, but maybe not a strong presence, a student, but maybe not one who has academics as their main focus, a team player and always a team cheerleader, supporter of many from old to young and friend to family.
  • Ray and Kristin Abraham
    Ray and Kristin Abraham
  • The Adamy Family
  • Sue and Marty Allen
  • The Bissell/Kruer Family
    The Bissell/Kruer Family
  • Dennis and Jennifer Bruce
    Dennis and Jennifer Bruce
  • Jason and Elizabeth Christopherson
  • Pat Connor
    Pat Connor
  • Nancy Cook
  • Damian and Sara deGoa
    Damian and Sara deGoa
  • Rick and Carol Godfrey
  • John and Deanna Green
  • The Iakiri Family
    The Iakiri Family
  • KV and Jena Lacks
  • Steve and Jenny McMahon
  • Dave Mehney
    Dave Mehney
  • Matthew Richenthal
    Matthew Richenthal
  • Elaine Rongey
  • Beth Wells Skaggs
    Beth Wells Skaggs
  • Abby and Rich Sorota
  • Nick Thole and Amy Turner-Thole
    Nick Thole and Amy Turner-Thole
  • Charley and Janine Thompson
    Charley and Janine Thompson