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Mission & History

Who We Are


The East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation enriches the educational experience of our students by funding excellence in teaching and learning that requires financial support beyond the district.

The Foundation supports the schools through EGRNow! which provides for the immediate needs of our schools by funding programs or projects, and through EGRForever! which is the endowment that supports excellence in education by funding enhancements to teaching and learning that are not covered by the regular school budget. Together EGRNow! and EGRForever! provide funds for both immediate needs and long term enhancements within our district. The Foundation has a current endowment of $4.3 million, and since 1983 has awarded over $1.75 million in grants, awards, and scholarships from endowment funds. EGRNow! has provided $1.85 million since inception in 2012 for program and project support.


The East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation was established in 1983 as a private, non-profit organization to maintain and enhance the quality of education within the East Grand Rapids Public Schools and is solely dependent on tax-deductible donations from the community. We celebrate over thirty years of enriching the educational experience and advancing the tradition of excellence in East Grand Rapids Schools.