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Congressman Peter Meijer has some advice for young East alumni: "Grand Rapids is a grand place. It’s big enough to have everything you need but not so big that you can’t make a difference. "

What's the artist and filmmaker's advice for young East alumni? "To have a good balance. Work hard to achieve your goals, but don't let it consume you."

Comprehensible Input Readers will also teach students about the Spanish-speaking world

"Have a 'get to' attitude, not a 'have to' attitude.

Sixth graders enjoyed making new friends on the trip

Commander Krissoff spoke to the students about the importance of national service

Students in the class design and build their own surfboards and snowboards using STEM concepts

Thanks to our donors, Foundation funds more than $120,000 in fall grants

Three chosen from outstanding group of EGRPS teachers

What you, the district, and the Foundation did together this year will never be forgotten

To find out about some of the exciting things happening in our schools, visit the East Grand Rapids page on the School News Network.

  • Ray and Kristin Abraham
    Ray and Kristin Abraham
  • Nick and Shellie Adamy
  • Marty and Sue Allen
  • Damian and Sara deGoa
    Damian and Sara deGoa
  • Mark and Beth Hoekstra
  • The Iakiri Family
    The Iakiri Family
  • Elaine Rongey
  • Beth Skaggs
    Beth Skaggs
  • Rich & Abby Sorota
  • Nick Thole and Amy Turner-Thole
    Nick Thole and Amy Turner-Thole
  • Dennis and Jennifer Bruce
    Dennis and Jennifer Bruce