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"My one piece of advice would be that it's okay to struggle in school. School is not a competition."

"​​​​​​​I'm glad you didn't ask me why I chose my signature moment for high school because then I would've had to explain that I brought my tortoise to school, and my parents don't know about that... not anymore."

"The 2020 Hearts of Gold football game for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. To witness the schools and community coming together to support a cause that means everything to me is something I will remember for the rest of my life."

"Don't waste a single moment in high school because it goes by in the blink of an eye."

"I wish I knew to hang out with more people than just my close friends. There are so many awesome people I wish I could see again but might not."

"You don't want to look back on school and regret not experiencing a certain event."

"You will never regret going to a football game, joining a club, working hard on a school project, or going to a party. "

"Put in the work and it will pay off in the future."

"Everyone has things to deal with; you can't judge someone from the face they wear in school."

"Self confidence is one of the best virtues a person can have, but it can also be a burden. Know the difference between when it is good and when it is not."

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