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Professional musicians join student orchestra for musical

Thanks to our donors, author Gary Schmidt led workshops with students

Hundreds of new books will revitalize Learning Commons collections

Thanks to donors, students got to be in the room where it happened

Now students and teachers can find the music they need

Digital art classes created banners thanks to Foundation grant

Hominid skull replicas enable hands-on learning

Curriculum materials for middle school will be used by varsity football team too

Supplies will be organized and shared between classrooms

Instruments will replace ones that have seen better days

Foundation grant helps students live the dream Develops Student Writing Skills

Biology students are using them to study Reeds Lake

Interactive program makes spelling fun. Really.

New instruments for drumline get a lot of bang for the buck

Foundation "friend raiser" was an incredible apres ski party to benefit our students and our schools

"I would honestly encourage young alums to take good risks and be willing to try something new."

Four hundred people supporting our schools in a tent in the middle of a blizzard.

"Seizing the moment and living in the present is the way to go!"

Students are learning valuable lessons from classroom gardens

Thanks to you, two grants from the Foundation are making reading more fun and accessible

Send winter out with a bang with a party in a heated tent high atop the Gaslight Village parking deck

Foundation awards nearly $100,000 in grants

Program is critical to students' success

Congressman Peter Meijer has some advice for young East alumni: "Grand Rapids is a grand place. It’s big enough to have everything you need but not so big that you can’t make a difference. "

What's the artist and filmmaker's advice for young East alumni? "To have a good balance. Work hard to achieve your goals, but don't let it consume you."

Comprehensible Input Readers will also teach students about the Spanish-speaking world

"Have a 'get to' attitude, not a 'have to' attitude.

Sixth graders enjoyed making new friends on the trip

Commander Krissoff spoke to the students about the importance of national service

Students in the class design and build their own surfboards and snowboards using STEM concepts

Thanks to our donors, Foundation funds more than $120,000 in fall grants

Three chosen from outstanding group of EGRPS teachers

What you, the district, and the Foundation did together this year will never be forgotten

CDR. Bill Krissoff, MD, Medical Corps, United States Navy (Ret.) believes in the value of a career in service. He demonstrated that belief in an extraordinary way.

Don't tell your kids, but some of these activities are educational too.

Time to recognize the people who've helped us make it through the year

As promised, Now&Forever campaign paying dividends for our schools

Afternoon event is full, but you can still join the fun

"I feel like I was expected to succeed every day in the classroom, in sports and in life in general at East."

To find out about some of the exciting things happening in our schools, visit the East Grand Rapids page on the School News Network.