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A Legacy of Friendship

Honoring Jimmy Gerken

Honoring Jimmy Gerken

Honoring Jimmy Gerken

Jimmy Gerken: Sharing His Legacy of Friendship with a New Generation


Jimmy Gerken, one of the most beloved members of the East Grand Rapids community, continues to be remembered for who he was and what he represented.  Many members of the East Grand Rapids community hold fond memories of Jimmy Gerken, who passed away in January 2002, at the age of 52.  Though he was perhaps best known for his dedication to the East Grand Rapids athletic programs, his real passion was for people. 

Many efforts have taken place over the years to remember Jimmy and the passion for people that he represented.  In 2008, the Jimmy Gerken Fund was established within the East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation.  The purpose of this fund is to remember Jimmy and the life lessons he taught our community while supporting the activities that Jimmy loved most – athletics and co-curriculars. This fund assures that EGR athletics and co-curricular activities (band, performing arts, etc.) continue to be an integral part of our students’ education by providing enhancements that are not possible in the general budget. One way is through Kabookie Week, celebrated during the first week of February each year. Our students will continue to experience personal excellence, just as Jimmy would have wanted it to be.


Ways to support the GERKEN FUND:

Donate to the Gerken Fund.

Purchase a Gerken Appreciation Award for a coach.

Sponsor or play in the annual Gerken Open: Gerken Open Golf Outing