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How To Help

A Brilliant New Way You Can Help Our Students, Our Schools, and Our Community

We're not building a new auditorium. Or a cafeteria. Or a stadium. 

We're building something greater, something more. We're building the future of our schools and our community for generations to come.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Excellence Threatened, Excellence Ensured

Our schools are a constant source of pride in our community, but unpredictable school funding has threatened our tradition of excellence. Every year, programs are in jeopardy, and are saved only by the hundreds of families who donate to the Foundation's annual EGRNOW! campaign. There has to be a more sustainable way. And there is.

Our Vision Is 2020 and Beyond

Our vision is clear. With your help, we're growing the Foundation's endowment from $4 million to $12 million by 2020 so the investment earnings will fund programs and offerings to keep our schools among the best in Michigan.

Our Children Are Counting on You

We're reaching out to all the members of our community, near and far, who share our pride in our schools and want to secure our schools' future. We're asking for a three-year pledge to the endowment to help create a permanent, stable, sustainable solution to funding enhancements and program support in our schools. 

Are You a Pioneer? Visit Our Now&Forever Donation Page to Make Your Pledge Today