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'68 Reunion Save the Date

Additional Reunion Information

  • Friday, Sept. 21: Welcome Back Gathering at Grand Rapids Yacht Club - 740 Lakeside Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Saturday, Sept. 22: Reunion Dinner and Dance at Boulder Creek - 5750 Brewer Ave. NE Belmont, MI 49306
  • ArtPrize - learn more at

Continue to check back for more reunion information.

Email Jeff Hudson to verify your current information: last name (and maiden name), email, address, and phone. 
This will allow the reunion committee to share reunion information with as many alumni as possible. 


Missing Classmates - If you have current information on any of the below classmates please email Jeff Hudson.

Craig A. Barnes Pamela M. Hellwig Sylvia H. Rosenkranz Gur
Barbara A. Blackburn Cooper Thomas W. Hook Virgil K. Russell
Sandra D. Boozer Virkus Betsy F. Imrie Sally I. Schroeder Mishra
Matthew S. Bryant Rosemary Keil Irvine Barbara S. Schuck
Martha T. Calkins Nancy K. Kuiper Hancock Wilson J. Scott
Candice A. Collings Marsha M. Lacey Mary J. Sears
Linda J. Creagan Linda I. Leslie Marilyn J. Smith
Janice S. Douglas Jacobson Judy E. Logie Rick C. Stanley
Michelle A. Ellis Robbins Carol D. Miller Ginnie K. Vander Wal Mears
Jerry P. Fitzgerald Mary K. Molloy James G. Veen
Kenneth D. Foster Betsy A. Montgomery Robert A. Vetvick
Ellen F. Freihofer Learned Mary L. Muir Maentz Diane M. Vujea Peters
Barbara L. Goosman Deborah A. Mulvihill George Mary B. Wah Blakey
Molly G. Graham Ellis Stephen P. Nobel Sandra Ann Warren Stedman
Candace E. Green David H. Owen Douglas E. Williams
Madelyn L. Green Paauwe John D. Pickering John E. Winkler
Diane E. Hall Carol A. Prince Quillian Linda S. Wisner Webb