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Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Rockwell

Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Rockwell

Looking for a fun, worthwhile volunteer activity?

The Foundation always strives to be as efficient as possible. We want to put every dollar we can to work for our students. To do that, we rely on people like you who donate their time and energy for our kids.

Amy Rockwell is one of our most dedicated volunteers. She’s chaired Hurrah!, served on numerous committees, and works in the Foundation offices one day a week.

So why does she do it? “I believe in what the Foundation is doing,” Amy says. “I like the idea of using my time to help our community, especially our students. I also enjoy spending time with the people in the office. There’s a lot to do, but working with them and the other volunteers is really fun.”

With the Foundation’s full calendar and busy schedule, there’s always something happening. Letters and invitations need to be prepared for mailing. The next event needs to be planned and organized. Lists of donors need to be updated. And because we have so many incredibly generous supporters, there are always people who need to be thanked and acknowledged.

Amy says there’s another benefit of volunteering with the Foundation, one she hadn’t anticipated. “Ever since I started volunteering, I feel so much more connected to what’s going on in our schools,” she says. “Being involved with the Foundation keeps you in the loop on everything that’s happening that affects our town, our schools and our kids. I’m more knowledgeable about issues that affect us and I’m able to share that knowledge with my friends and neighbors.”

We truly couldn’t do what we do without people like Amy. If you’d like to join her and our other amazing volunteers, please call the Foundation at 235-3535 or email us at We always have something worthwhile for you to do.