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"Friday night football games in the student section, cheering on our team while watching the sunset over Reeds Lake."

"I think winning states my freshman year really showed me the importance of a team. I learned so much, both about tennis and how to be a team."

"I was laid back in school and more 'safe' but my close friends knew I had another side."

"One test isn’t going to make or break anything."

"Don't be afraid to be yourself. Take ownership of who you are. Don't forget to have fun in high school. Be nice to everyone, even if they bother you."

"Before junior year, I was super quiet. I was the typical shy girl who would never raise her hand even if she knew the answer."

"Hearing the sweet sound of the final buzzer my Sophomore year after winning our first IBL championship. #stillchamps"

"Everyone always says it goes by so quick and even though that’s really cheesy it’s so true."

"You shouldn’t try to be someone you aren’t."

"I have met my BEST friends here, so I will obviously stay in touch with them because I don’t know what I would do without them."

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