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Foundation Grant Instrumental to Musical's Success

photo of high school orchestra

EGRPS music teacher Bree Mitchell is clever. Just look at how she describes a Foundation grant to hire professional musicians to play along with students at the high school musical: "Hiring professional musicians for our Pit Orchestra for the high school's production of Once Upon a Mattress was instrumental to the musical's success." Get it? Instrumental. Very clever.

"The musicals EGR performs are created with classically trained musicians in mind, so having the assistance of professional musicians ups the caliber of our shows and also allows for professional coaching for students from music professionals other than their band, orchestra and choir teacher," Mitchell continues. "The experience of live theater is unlike any other in terms of the work it takes to prepare a show, all the people who are involved in making a show successful and the feelings that students have in performing a show and sharing a whole new world with an audience.

"Bringing characters to life with music is challenging, but magical and we are very thankful that the East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation supported the Drama department in making our show the very best!"

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