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Praise for "Engaging Classroom" Grant from 4th and 5th Graders

The grant from the Foundation that Breton Downs Elementary teachers Christy Gast and Bridget Rieth applied for was titled, “The Engaging Classroom.” It requested “differentiated physical spaces and seating to meet learner needs and increase engagement.” Confused? We were too, until we learned about the grant from the kids who are benefiting from it: 

“The new classroom materials help us stay engaged because they give us a variety of places to sit. We have a choice of where we want to sit rather than just at a table, desk, or on the floor. The wobbly stools help me to re-engage when I lose my focus. The folding blue chairs are comfortable and really help when we are sitting on the floor discussing or working in larger groups. Our favorite is working on the whiteboard tables. We can brainstorm, solve math problems on our own or even in table groups. I feel more engaged when I have a variety of places to work in the classroom.

Mrs.Gast's 4th graders and Mrs. Rieth's 5th graders”

Now we understand. It always helps to hear from the kids themselves. 

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this possible!

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