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Third Graders Find Their Own Space Thanks to Foundation Donors

You probably have a place you like to go when you need to get something done. Maybe it’s that chair by the window, where you can settle in with your laptop and a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s in your office, where you can close the door and isolate yourself from any distractions. 

Elementary students are just like you, except they're surrounded by some pretty rambunctious coworkers. So Wealthy Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher Michelle Day wrote a grant application for materials that would make it easier for her students to find their own space, even in a classroom full of other students. Day applied for a grant for flexible seating options and noise-canceling headphones. She’s already seen them helping her students.

“Students benefit from the seat cushions in a couple of ways,” Day says. “First of all, it simply makes their chairs more comfortable when sitting at their desks and, secondly, it allows them to take them around the room with them as flexible seating options during work times, group work, and more.”

The headphones are helping them concentrate too. “Students have been so grateful to have the option to utilize their noise canceling headphones,” Day says, “if and when they choose to, again during work times to be able to focus on their individual tasks better, if and when partnership work or small group conversations are also being held, or calming background music is playing that they would rather not hear while they work.

“Thank you so much to the Foundation for your support and all you do for the kids and teachers!”

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