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Digital Piano Helps Students Prepare to Perform

photo of Kathy Larson

Somehow, middle school choir teacher Kathy Larson manages to bring the same enthusiasm to her Foundation grant testimonials as she does to her classes. It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that she was positively thrilled by the Foundation grant that funded a new digital piano for the choir program.

“EGRSF's gift of a digital piano is a Game Changer for the middle school choir classroom!” she says. “We so rarely are able to have our amazing and wonderful accompanist,  Mr. Todd Wilke, in our presence; choir students then rely on a mere handful of opportunities to work with my conducting + piano accompaniment in any of our repertoire.  

“In the choral world, this interplay between singers, pianist and conductor is key for reaching the highest heights of a vocal performance!  In walks the DIGITAL PIANO:  its ability to record accompaniment of any portion of our repertoire will allow me to conduct the choirs in what would most closely mimic a live performance. Voila! The choirs are better prepared for the actual performance; the audience receives an even greater gift of the choirs' proficiencies:) 

“The entire 6th-8th grade choral program joins me in thanking you for your generosity!”