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Middle School Mural Is Big. Enthusiasm Is Even Bigger.

photo of Holly Lampen

If you know Middle School Art Teacher Holly Lampen at all, you know how passionate she is about her work. So if even Lampen is impressed with the energy around the mural being created thanks to a grant she wrote for a mural and visiting artist, it’s clear the project has taken on a life of its own.

“The mural has been an ongoing project throughout the year,” says Lampen. “We have been creating small drawings in every art class.”

The enthusiasm for the project has surprised even Lampen. “Students find me in the hallway to hand off new little creations,” she says. “We’ve even had some of the 5th graders visiting from their elementary schools on their transition day to the middle school add their work to the wall. Students have been running up to the wall during lunch to find their drawings. Some students have given up their Saturdays to come in and help apply more drawings to the wall. It seems to grow every week!”


Thanks to a clever feature, the project will never be truly finished. Instead, it will be an ever changing installation. “The final work will feature an interactive space allowing students to share their creativity daily,” Lampen says. “I believe this mural will activate our space in a fun and engaging way.”