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Counting Down the Top 40 Foundation Grants of All Time #32: Middle School Murals and Artists in Residence

photo of middle school mural

It would be impossible to visit East Grand Rapids Middle School without seeing artwork funded by grants from the Foundation. 

In fact, even before entering the building, visitors see student-created banners on the poles in the parking lot, and an artist-created mural above the bike racks. 

Inside, there are more installations, including a new mural in the cafeteria that will continue to evolve as students add their own creativity to it. 

Students also get to interact with artists in residence, learn about their creative process, and collaborate with them. 

It’s all part of one of the main objectives of the grants the Foundation funds: Give our students opportunities to find their passion. 

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this possible! You can help support our mission of investing in educational enhancements for all our students on our Donate page.