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Counting Down the Top 40 Foundation Grants of All Time #18: iPads, Netbooks, and Chromebooks

photo of Steve Jobs with iPad

If it seems like the Foundation has been funding grants for iPads for as long as iPads been around, that’s because we have.

In January 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPads. That same year, we funded a grant for 18 iPads to be used by diverse learners, special education, math, and elementary classrooms. 

The next year, we funded 113 more iPads for elementary and middle school classrooms. The year after that, we funded a grant for 39 more. 

At the same time, we were funding grants for Netbooks and Chromebooks. We funded the first set of Netbooks in 2010 and began funding grants for Chromebooks in 2012.

We’ve never really stopped. Just this year, we funded two more grants totaling nearly $40,000 for iPads to be used in art classes at the middle school and high school.

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this possible. You can help support our mission of investing in educational enhancements for all our students on our Donate page.