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Top 40 Grants Countdown #3: Literacy Education

photo of teacher reading to students

When the Foundation funded a grant for Leveled Literacy Kits at all three elementary schools in 2022, it was just one part of an ongoing effort: helping kids learn to read.

In our 40-year history, we’ve funded numerous reading grants, from classroom libraries to learning commons revitalizations to the engage/ignite training to replenishing our collections of classic kindergarten storybooks. But before students can benefit from any of those grants, they have to know how to read.

For some students, reading is easy. It comes naturally. One day, the lines on the page of a picture book turn into letters, and then into words, and then into stories. Before anyone really understands what’s happening, they’re reading.

For other students, though, reading is a challenge. They need help turning the lines into letters and words.

The Foundation provides that help. In 2021, we funded elementary para-interventionists at Breton Downs, Lakeside, and Wealthy. These are highly trained literacy teachers who work with some of our youngest students to help them learn to read.

It’s important work. Because before our students can explore the world of books we help provide them later on, they need the skills to make sense of them. They need that foundation. 

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this possible! You can help support our mission of investing in educational enhancements for all our students on our Donate page.