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Foundation Supports Schools at Record Levels. Watch Video of Big Check Day!

photo of students with big check

The 2023-24 school year has been a record-breaking one for the East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation. The most grants ever funded in one grant cycle. The most grants ever funded in one school year. The first grant for the Woodcliff Early Education Center. And the most money that has ever gone to fund all those grants.

All those records have been broken this year, the same school year the Foundation–which was founded in 1983–celebrated its 40th birthday. In addition to classroom grants, the Foundation is also funding the Elementary Learning Commons Paraeducator position, along with the district-wide New Teacher Expense Support. 

At its March meeting, the Foundation Board of Directors approved 25 grants and mini-grants (applications for $1,500 or less), bringing the total number of grants for the year to 52. The grants will benefit students at all East Grand Rapids Public Schools, at every level. 

Grants at the high school approved this school year include:

  • Keyboards and Computer Mice for Drafting, Design, and Technology 
  • Classroom Library Materials and Flexible Seating
  • An Epson Plotter Printer
  • Cameras for Primetime Pioneers TV Studio
  • Stand-Up Paddleboards for Gone Boarding Class
  • Physics Equipment
  • MASSP Women’s Summit
  • Spectrum Tube Power Supplies, Bulbs and Spectrum Chart
  • Cooking and Nutrition Club Funding
  • EGR Bard Shakespeare Learning Experience
  • Marching Band Annual Support
  • Graphing Calculators for All Math Classrooms
  • Robotics Program
  • Tickets to Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • Electrophoresis Equipment
  • 3D Printers
  • Media Devices for East Vision Newspaper and Journalism Classes
  • Drumline Instruments
  • Rolling Magnetic Whiteboards
  • Hominids Skull Replicas for Science Classes

At the middle school:

  • NCTE annual convention for English teachers
  • Social Studies faculty travel to Washington, DC
  • Mural with Artist Dylan Bonner ‘09
  • Student-designed and built Tree Identification Project 
  • Camp Manitou-Lin 6th Grade Bonding Experience
  • Thinking Classroom Supplies
  • Non-Fiction Rebuild for Learning Commons
  • Robotics Program
  • 3D Laser Cutting Machines
  • District Percussion Grant

At elementary schools:

  • March Book Madness
  • Junior Achievement BizTown
  • Christina Soontornvat Author Visit
  • FIRST Lego League
  • Cow Eyes for Dissection
  • Gym Equipment
  • First Grade Literacy Supplies
  • Snap Word/Phonics Learning Tools for Kindergarteners
  • Math Resources for Small Group Learning
  • Online Resources (IXL and Brainpop) for All Teachers
  • Jason Chin Author Visit
  • Below Benchmark Readers for 2nd Graders
  • Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra Experiences
  • Horseshoe-Shaped Table
  • Dramatic Play Kitchen Equipment for Kindergarten
  • Sensory Tools and Student Supports
  • Camp Miniwanca
  • STEM in Literacy Books

At the Woodcliff Early Childhood Center:

  • Outdoor Learning Equipment for 5s Preschool

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this incredible year possible!