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EGRSF Funds Tree ID at EGRMS

photo of Graham Schiefler

Graham Schiefler, a middle school student, submitted a grant request to help complete a tree project in the spring of 2024 with his Boy Scouts Troop. Thanks to Foundation donors, Graham will be leading his troop, which includes several other East Grand Rapids students, to replace and enhance a tree identification map around the grounds of the middle school. 

There is a current tree identification map but it is outdated and there are many rotted wooden posts to replace along with new identification plaques to install. The project includes adding a QR code to each identification plaque with information about each tree. The troop will work with an arborist to ensure accurate identification. About 30 trees will be identified. The posts and new plaques installed near each tree and along the trail will be weatherproof and UV-resistant. A plaque at the front of the school will inform students and community members about the tree identification course. The course and map will be used by the middle school schience department, specifically by 7th graders when curriculum includes tree identification and study. 

"I am happy to get to work on this project because it will help the students of East Grand Rapids. One of the most important parts of Boy Scouts is service to your community. This project will be enjoyed by not only the Middle School Science program but also anyone walking around the Middle School. Upon completion of this project, I will receive my Eagle Scout rank. This is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America program. I have worked very hard for quite some time so I am looking forward to receiving this," shared Graham.

The Foundation encourages any and all students to consider asking for a grant for any of their creative endeavors to support our schools.