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Lucky Horseshoe Tables Helping Students Learn

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “horseshoe table?” Something like a shuffleboard table where people pitch miniature horseshoes and try to get a ringer? Maybe a blacksmith’s table with an anvil on it near a forge?

Turns out a horseshoe table is a clever way to improve learning for some students. 

Last fall, Wealthy Elementary reading teachers Kelly Tomasik and Stacey Goodman applied for a $1,991.06 grant from the Foundation to purchase the new tables.

"The table has helped my instruction work more efficiently because it has cut down on the transition time of having to get up and get white boards,” Goodman says. “It has made incorporating writing instruction into reading club much easier. Kids of all ages are so excited to use the table and it makes lessons more interactive. The swivel stools give kids a much needed sensory/movement opportunity which allows many students to focus better during instruction."

Thank you, Foundation donors, for making this possible!