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Foundation Funds Glowforge Laser Cutting Machine

photo of teacher and student with laser cutting machine

The East Grand Rapids Middle School is now the first building in the district (and surely not the last) to have a Glowforge 3-D laser cutting machine! The grant request was approved in the fall of 2023; the laser cutting machine was delivered in the spring of 2024 and will be in use by the fall of 2024.

Digital art students and Innovation Lab students at the middle school will use the machine to cut, engrave and score multiple material types. Art students can use the machine to create prototypes for larger projects. Innovation lab students can increase their experience with design and engineering by using the machine to create alongside the existing 3D printers. 

Laser cutting allows for efficient material usage, reducing waste. Art and Innovation students will be able to design eco-friendly products and incorporate sustainable materials into their creations, aligning their work with environmentally conscious principles.

"The 3-D laser cutter will empower our students to push creative boundaries, work with precision and efficiency, collaborate across disciplines, and acquire valuable technical skills. It will enhance their artistic toolkit and prepare them for a broader range of creative opportunities in the future," shared Innovation Lab teacher, Kevin Vance.