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Father and Son Had One Goal in Mind (Ok, Two)

photo of student Maxen Reed

Being both an East teacher and parent gives Patrick Reed extra insight into what’s happening at our schools. So when Reed noticed that the soccer goals at his son Maxen’s school, Wealthy Elementary, were in disrepair, he knew just what to do. 

Together, Patrick and Maxen Reed wrote a grant request to the Foundation to fund new soccer goals for the playground. “The current soccer goals at Wealthy are well past their prime and need to be replaced,” the Reeds wrote in their application.  “The current goals were purchased with the idea in mind that they can be broken down and stored.  However, these goals stay on the playground and do not move unless the kids move them. 

“The goal for this grant is for our Wealthy Elementary students to have the opportunity to play soccer during PE class, recess, and after school with quality goals.  I see first hand these goals being used each and every day after school. I imagine this is true for each recess as well.  PE classes will undoubtedly use these goals during outdoor lessons and these goals can be used exclusively for the PE class during the winter months.  The effectiveness of this grant will be instant as the old goals will be replaced with functioning goals for all students to use and enjoy immediately.”

As you can see from the photo, Maxen is a soccer fan. Thank you, Foundation donors, for giving the students at his school a new place to play.