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Foundation Funds 'Building Thinking Classrooms' Grant

EGR Middle School math teachers, Tracy Packard and Amanda Hicks sent a grant request to the Foundation for new math materials to support their philosophy of Building a Thinking Classroom. These supplies included specific white boards as well as dry erase materials and magnetic grids. 

The teachers shared with us: "We love our new materials that we purchased with our Foundation Grant.  We both got more whiteboard space, which has allowed for more groups of students working around our classroom. We also purchased dry erase pockets that allow us to reuse charts and graphs in multiple classes as well as new magnetic coordinate grids."  

"We use all of this material to support our philosophy of Building a Thinking Classroom.  We both read a book called, Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Lijedahl.  We have found success implementing his ideas.  We have our students working in small random groups at our whiteboards, communicating and problem solving.  We have found that engagement has definitely increased with the supplies that we have gotten with our Foundation Grant. Thank you so much!"