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Foundation Funds New Cameras for School Newspaper

The East Vision has, for many years, aspired to provide essential, entertaining, and high-quality print and digital media to East Grand Rapids High School students and the East Grand Rapids community. 

This fall, the East Vision wanted to both expand and upgrade their digital media for social media and photography. Thanks to the East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation, the East Vision was able to receive a grant to purchase a GoPro and new Canon digital cameras. These devices have opened up new opportunities for students to produce media. The GoPro has allowed students to learn first-hand how to create point-of-view content and how to edit and create high-quality videos using our editing software. The Canon digital cameras have helped students learn how to use real digital cameras and take good-looking photos at sporting events, drama events, and more. The cameras also helped to improve the quality of photos in our print newspaper.  

Additionally, the grants have helped students develop new passions within the broad range of journalism. Many East Vision alumni go on to study journalism in college, and these experiences with digital media devices and software allow students to bring preliminary experience to the college classroom. The East Vision is extremely grateful to the EGRSF for their generosity in providing us with a grant.