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Welcome to our new home. The East Grand Rapids Schools Foundation serves our students, our teachers, our schools and everyone in our community. We want to give you the information you want when you want it. So take a look around. Scroll down. Click the buttons. See what's here. It's like an open house for our new site. And we're glad you're here.

News & Notes

Katie (Pantlind) Michell's 1991 graduating class had only 130 students, one of the smallest in the school's history. Today she's back at the high school, teaching English and running the East Vision newspaper. "Keep your eyes and ears open to where you can best use your talents," she says. "If it’s here, then great."

The Foundation and the middle school's Champions of Diversity Committee are teaming up to provide diversity training for students.

Dave Snyder '86 is a chef and the owner of the Halyard Restaurant Group in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. His advice on how to get ahead is pretty simple: Work harder than the next guy.