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This year's honorees are an advocate for public education and a world-renowned scientist

More than 7,000 visitors in September and over 30,000 so far this year for Foundation website

Elizabeth Welch '88 is known throughout the state for her advocacy for public education. Where did she learn her perseverance? In the high school pool, of course. "If you can survive swim team," she says, "there's a lot you can do in life later."

Computational chemist Henry "Fritz" Schaefer '62 will be honored at this year's Distinguished Alumni and Community Service dinner November 1. Some people think he should win a Nobel Prize. So why is he still hung up on freshman basketball?

This year's teaching award winners are outstanding representatives of an outstanding faculty.

Hall of famer. National champion. And mentioned on The Daily Show. Flip Goodspeed '79 has some good advice for young East alums.

Twice a year, the Foundation Board meets to consider grant proposals submitted by teachers, students, and community members. This spring's meeting was particularly interesting.

In a unanimous vote, the Board of Education hired Dr. Heidi Kattula

He graduated from Harvard, served in the Peace Corps in Swaziland, graduated from Harvard medical school, and now he's an associate professor at Ohio State's medical school. Dr. Jim MacDonald goes back to where it all began.

Spring fundraising campaign generates nearly $240,000 for East Grand Rapids Public Schools

To find out about some of the exciting things happening in our schools, visit the East Grand Rapids page on the School News Network.